Jillians loves cum

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Jillians loves cum

Her new obsession with a man?s cum, brought on by her brother, and indirectly by her father would continue to get her into trouble. Her unordinary lust for a man?s fresh glob of cum would soon lead her down strange and degrading paths. One day she was cutting class with a boy who had been lusting over her for a few weeks. He had heard awful and arousing stories about the girl and finally had the guts to approach her, and ask her to engage in one of her famous acts with him. He approached her when she was waiting outside her class one day. She was wearing skin-tight white pants and a white halter top, which exposed her cleavage ever so timidly. She was standing with her books pressed to her chest, talking to a less attractive girl, her ass facing this nervous boy, named Jason. He admired her from behind before he approached her, her pants were so tight and perfectly fit that they accentuated the shape of her ass so well, it looked as if she was wearing no pants at all. The see-through pants could not hide the black thong the girl was wearing underneath and Jason felt as if he would drool if he stared for much longer. The /thong/sexy-thong/">sexy thong rode up her crack, harshly applied to her /pussy/ass-pussy/pussy-and-ass/">pussy and ass, and proudly showed itself to the staring public, above her hips. Another boy walked by the girl and pulled her straps, snapping them back onto her gentle white skin leaving red marks and blew her a kiss as he walked away. The girl just watched him as he left. Another boy not a minute after the first, walked up behind the girl and slapped her ass with great force, which rang out across the hallway. The girl just smiled at him and waved with her small fingers. This gave Jay some more courage.

He walked up behind her and asked her if she wanted to take a walk on the football field with him. She asked if he had any cigarettes. He replied yes, as quick as he could get it out. So the rumors are true, he thought. ?Is there a /gym/">gym period now? Will people be out there??

?Yes. I think so, Why??

?Let?s go? she replied taking him by the hand leaving her admiring friend behind. 

The horny two walked out to the football field past the 5th period boy?s gym class and to the side of the bleachers. Along their travels, catcalls could be heard from the boys as well as hecklings and name-calling. 

?Hey, guys look! Jill?s at it again!? ?Hey man, if you give her a pack of cigarettes she?ll let you /ass/ass-fucking/fuck-her-ass/">fuck her ass!?

The calls of the boys made Jay?s dick jump as he let himself be pulled to the bleachers by the hurrying girl. She stopped him and asked for the cigarette. He fumbled clumsily and retrieved it just in time for her to snatch it from him and light it with her own lighter. She took a quick drag and dropped to her knees. She unzipped the boy?s zipper and freed his rock /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock. She took it into her mouth, deep enough so that his head was in her throat and began to bob back and forth on his cock. Her hands, held tightly around the boy?s hairy legs, as her cigarette was still burning in her left hand. The boy could not believe his luck and suddenly become confident. 

?Yeah, that?s right you /whore/">whore, take that cock.?

The girl was surprised and delighted to see that the boy had finally taken charge. He grabbed her by the hair and forcefully shoved his full manhood into her throat and thrusted his pelvis toward her pretty face. She gagged and made inhuman noises as a crowd of boys appeared from all around her. She felt their presence and it made her even more excited; she loved an audience. The boy closed his eyes and continued to jam her throat full of his cock. Spit and pre-cum shot out from the sides of her mouth as she gagged and teared, making her poorly applied mascara run down her pretty face. With this the boy pulled her by the hair facing her face up to his and told her to take a drag of her dirty cigarette.

She obeyed, out of breathes, but still managed to sexily put the cigarette in her mouth and take a long drag. The boy spit directly in the face of the horny girl while she was inhaling her precious cigarette. It made her pussy tingle and her heart jump into her stomach. She loved that feeling. No matter how many times it had happened to her she still loved it with all her heart and sexual organs. The spit had landed directly on her closed mouth and dripped off onto her cigarette hand, wetting the white cigarette. With this, all the other boys began stroking their cocks as well. The next thing the girl knew her hair was turning her around, as Jay turned her face to one of the ready boy?s cock in the circle. The boy stroked his cock vigorously and shot a thick white stream of cum all over the girl?s face. This load made her mascara run even more as well as her dark red lipstick. The next boy pushed his way forward as he told her to smoke. She put the cigarette to her lips and as soon as she felt the smoke enter her mouth she porn videos download also felt a fresh hot splatter right onto her already sticky face. She exhaled just in time to hear another boy advance towards her and say, ?Open your mouth, tramp.? She exhaled and opened her mouth as it was filled with the thickest load yet. It was stringy and its remains ran off her chin and onto her new shirt. The next thing she knew two fingers were thrust into her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy as another hand was slipped into the back of her pants, entering her /asshole/">asshole pushing her puny thong inside both entrances. Her mouth was filled with a throbbing hot veiny cock as she happily accepted it into her warm jizz filled mouth. As she was being entered by three different boys in three different holes, she gushed between her legs thinking about the beating she would receive after school, once her dad saw how messy she was; grass and dirt stains on the knees of her new white pants, cum stains on her new shirt, and her pants stained in the crotch area. A harsh pain followed this thought as Jay ripped her thong off her wet pussy and put it in his pocket. ?These are mine now you little /skank/">skank,? he said harshly as he left the girl to the other boys. Another boy?s hand quickly replaced Jay?s, as three fingers were forcefully jammed into her ass with no spit or lubrication applied to them at all. 

The boy who was /mouth/mouth-fuck/fucking-her-mouth/">fucking her mouth had pulled out and came all over her face. She moaned as the other boys finger fucked both her holes and she made the sexiest face while receiving a huge load of the boys sperm, her lips open and moaning loudly as to attract as much attention as possible, perhaps getting more boys to cum on her pretty little face. After he blew his load on her waiting messy face he spit a wad into the pool of /semen/">semen, which covered her eye. This inspired the other boys to take turns spitting in the girl?s face calling her a whore, a tramp, a dirty little skank, and a bitch as they eventually let go of their loads onto her white bubbly face. 

The boys left her there by herself, with traces of their lust on her face. One boy was about to leave her be, when he turned around and slapped her hard across her cheek. This sent a splash of cum and spit flying across her head into the air. She came once she received the harsh blow. She tried to catch her breath as the black from her mascara mixed with the white of the cum and spit mixed together to make a pitifully sexy picture of a girl who had just been used. She, still on her knees, caught her breath, just enough to take another drag from her almost finished cigarette as she exhaled through the only small opening in her lips, the rest being covered in a thick white film. She suddenly felt the presence of another man behind her, as she got excited again. She licked her lips to make room for her cigarette and placed it in her mouth, rotated on her knees to the man behind her and struck the sexiest pose she could manage still being covered in the thick remains of the boys of 5th period gym class. She turned to see her principal with a look of disgust on his face. He stared at the girl with anger and disbelief. He tried to convince himself that it wasn?t cum and spit on the girl?s pretty innocent face, but glue. That?s it, he thought, it must be the glue from her art class. xxx They must be playing a joke on her. Or maybe a milkshake?but the principal?s lust thrusted forward and tempted him to believe the obvious?the girl had just been gangbanged by the whole gym class. ?Get into my office right now young lady.? She did not change her position but only moved her cigarette-hand up to her sexy lips, which dripped with cum and makeup and took a sexy drag, exhaled and flicked her cigarette away from her newly plastered face. 

?Yes, Daddy.?