Owed by ex wife

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Owed by ex wife

After our stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv divorce I was dating another woman and still was having sex with my ex wife Karen. Karen is attractive and has 34C breasts. We had sex a couple times while I was still dating this new woman.

One day Karen said to me, ?I want you to come to me house this Friday night because I have a /surprise/">surprise for you.?

She wouldn?t tell me anything so I got there at 7pm and she met me at the door naked. Karen proceeded to strip me and before I put a condom on she said it was a safe time of the month and I didn?t need it. We had sex on the floor in the dining room and then I carried her to the couch with me still inside her. I rolled her over and fingered her clit from behind until she came and then I came in her.

Renee came around the corner with a /camera/video-camera/">video camera and said, ?Good job, I got most of it on tape.? Karen put a robe on and told me to stop as I tried to cover up. Renee is Karen?s half /sister/">sister.

Karen told me that unless I do what she and Renee wanted they would give the tape to my /girlfriend/">girlfriend. I didn?t want to lose my girlfriend so I said, ?What do I have to do??

Karen said, ?Renee and I want you to give yourself as a gift to us for certain occasions. Like for my birthday I want you to owe me a night from 7pm to 7am the next day. The holidays you will give yourself to us are Christmas, Mother?s Day, our birthdays, marriage anniversaries and divorce anniversaries.?

Karen said, ?I get you 5 days a year and Renee will get you six since she has been married twice.? They told me if I can?t make it the day they want me then I owe them 2 makeup days and I need to be at their house from 7pm to 7am the next day. Also, I had to be naked the whole time and entertain whomever they had over.

Karen said tonight is her night and we may as well start now. Karen had me suck her pussy as she watched TV and Renee watched us. After she had an orgasm Renee stripped and spread her legs. I licked and sucked Renee and she told me to finger her and I did until she also had an orgasm.

I got hard again and Karen stoked me and said, ?don?t cum until I say it is OK.?

Renee slipped me in her pussy and I fucked her for twenty minutes. Renee is 6? tall and has /breasts/small-breasts/">small breasts but she was thrusting hard against me as I pumped into her. She had an orgasm and held me inside her for a few minutes.

Renee said, ?Thanks Ken but I need to go. I am looking forward to having you at my house,? and she got dressed and left.

Karen told me to put away the dishes in the kitchen and wash the dishes in the sink while she watched TV. I got the kitchen all cleaned up and went back to the couch. Karen played with my /balls/ball-cock/cock-and-balls/">cock and balls and got me hard again.

?Suck me for awhile,? she said, ?and I?ll tell you when to stop.? She watched a full hour of TV until 10pm and said, ?lets go to bed.?

She kept her hand on my dick and led me to her bedroom. My tongue and mouth were sore from the hour of licking so Karen told me to give her a /massage/ass-massage/full-body-massage/">full body massage. I used oil and massaged her back, arms and legs. Karen rolled over when I was done and I worked the front of her legs, stomach and she said to finger her for a while. I used my finger to find her g-spot and rub her clit with my other hand. Karen couldn?t cum again so at 11:30 she fell asleep and I fell asleep soon after still with a raging hard on.

The alarm woke me up at 6am and Karen said she was ready for sex. She laid on her stomach and has me enter her from behind.

?Don?t cum in me until I tell you too,? she said. She gave me a condom to put on in case I came.

I was pumping into Karen and she reached down to finger her clit while I was fucking her from behind. Karen had another orgasm and told me to stop and join her in the shower.

I soaped up her entire body and she kept her hand on my dick most of the time in the shower. She asked if I want to cum and I said, ?Please let me cum, I need to so /bad/">bad.?

?How bad?? she asked.

?I?ll do anything,? I said.

?Come back tonight to give my roommate Andrea a massage.?

I agreed to and Karen got down on her knees in front of me. She started to stroke and suck my balls and licked me until I came on her neck and chest.

Karen said, ?I owe Andrea $100 so you can give her a massage in her room for an hour. Actually you will do whatever she wants.?

?I still have you until 7 so let?s go let Andrea know what time you?ll be back.?

Karen and I went to Andrea?s room at 6:45am. Karen knocked and we went in. Karen had put a robe on but I was naked. ?Ken owes me a favor and I owe you $100 so Ken has agreed to give you a massage tonight with a happy ending,? Karen said.

?He has agreed to give you a 15 minute preview if you want it.?
?Sure, come join me in bed Ken so I can get a sample,? Andrea said.

I got under the covers with Andrea and she had me lick her pussy until 7 and she hadn?t cum but said, ?I can?t wait for tonight Ken.?

I showed up at my ex?s house at 7pm to do whatever Andrea wanted until 8pm.

She had me strip in front of the TV while she sat on the couch. Karen came home and sat next to Andrea. ?Ken really likes his neck sucked? Karen said.

Karen got up and kissed my neck and stroked my cock. ?I really love feeling you inside me so when you are done with Andrea at 8 come in my bedroom to fuck me.?

Andrea led me to her bedroom and stripped. She lay on her bed and gave me the massage oil. ?Give me a full body massage and when you?re done I want you to suck my clit and finger my pussy.? I massaged her shoulders, back and worked the back of her legs. She rolled over and I started on her /feet/">feet and worked my way up her legs. I brushed her pussy a few times and got up to her arms and hands. Then she said, ?Suck my pussy for the rest of the time.?

I got between Andrea?s legs and started to lick her clit. I got my finger in her pussy and found her g-spot. She had an orgasm and told me to fuck her.

I slid on top of her and eased in without a condom. ?Karen wants to smell me on your cock before you fuck her.? I fucked Andrea to another orgasm and the door opened at 8pm.

?Come on Ken, my turn,? Karen said. I left Andrea?s room and Karen had me fuck her with a condom on. Karen had an orgasm when I got behind her and fingered her clit. I continued to pull Karen?s hips toward me and finally came. Karen told me that unless I spent the night with her she would tease me even more next time. I had to go so I got dressed and left.

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