Johns First gay ex

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Johns First gay ex

The names sexxxx video ful hd other than mine have been changed. It was one winters night and me and my two house mates were talking. Me and ken were both bi males stew our friend was straight. Ha Ha, Stew new we were Bi and the talk got round to me and Kens sexlifes Stew asked us if we ever had had anal together we said no and that we were not sure if we wanted to so stew said whydont we try it. So me and Ken said ok we will but you have to stay and watch so stew said that he would. But we said to stew you must strip off if you wish to watch us as it would beunfair if he was fully clothed while we had sex. So we all striped off. I have a 6.5 inch cock that is not cut. Ken has a nice 8 inch cock. And to our/surprise/">surprise stew had a big ten inch cut one.

So back to the story Ken and I now naked lay on the sette together and started to cuddle up we had done this before so we enjoyed our selves then Stew said when are you going to try it then so we said ok but you have to move closer to us so you can see.

Now I am quite /fat/">fat so I said to stew if I have trouble getting it in the right place will you help stew said ok. So as me and Ken were cuddlingI asked Ken if he would like to be first Ken said yes so I layed in front of peter and let him play with my bum.

After a while peter just stuck his dick in my bum shagged me for about two mins and came in my bum. SoI said it is my turn now and rolled over so i was behind Ken then i asked what doI do now as I had never done it before.

So stew said i will tell you what to do and passed me some ky jelly he said get some of the ky jelly on your finger and spread it round his bum hole which i did he then said get some more jelly on your finger and push it into his bum hole whichI did.

Then he told me to move my groin as close to his butt as possible and to stroke Kens bum hole with the end of my cock so i did that then he said start to push your dick into Kens bum. I tryed but was unable to hit the hole so i asked Stew to get hold of my /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick and to place it in the right place Stew got hold of my cock and that made me even harder and then looked to see where he had to place my dick and then said it is in the right place push gently so that you dont hurt Ken.

So I started to push it was tight but a very nice feeling as i slowly pushed my way in, whenI was fully in kens bum stew said you now have to move it in and out I snapped dontbe stupid I know that bit as I said this I speeded up and god did it feel good to me. I started to swet and after a short timeI had that nice feeling that I was about to cum so I told Ken that I was close and he said you can cum in me if you would like to. at this point it was to late anyway asI was already shooting xxx sex video download free com my load after a few mins I withdrew my dick. It was a bit sore and to mysurprise stew took it in his mouth and give me a blow but that is another story whichI will tell you later.