Some Winter Fun

Published March 17, 2024 tag category
Some Winter Fun

I was very it snow sports. i loved to snowboard. one day me and some friends wanted to hit the slopes. we went to the nearest resort that we all went to a lot. we enjoyed a day full of skiing and snowboarding. one of my friends wanted to try to take a trail that no one has used yet. i was up for it.

We had to break our own trail. we started down and when we got deep in the woods the snow got deeper and deeper. eventually going along the trail my friend got stuck and got flipped over. i unstrapped my board xnxxv sunny leone video and went over to help him get unstuck. it took us a while to get him freed. once he was out of the snow we just sat there for a while cause we were so tired from digging him out. we got to talking and then he started to rub his cock.

I thought he was just itching. the whole time we were talking he was rubbing it. i didn't say anything because it didn't bother me. i thought it was normal for a man to get off on occasion. at first the rubbing was over his pants. he then started sliding his hand in his pants and really going to town.

He was acting like nothing was going on. after about 5 mins i started to feel myself get hard. I am Bisexual but not sure if he is. he then said he had to take care of it and pulled his pants down and started to stroke it very hard. he turned away from me which was down hill and he was loosing his balance.

I real forced anal against her will told him he doesn't have to be shy and can stay facing me. he asked if i minded that he was jerking off in front of me. i told him i had no problem with it at all. i told him i wouldn't mind helping him finish. he was reluctant at first but by the end of it i was sucking his cock until he came!!!!!!!!