Nasty Fat Fuck Pt 2

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
Nasty Fat Fuck Pt 2

I woke up the morning after my ’experience’ with a raging hard-on. The only thing I could fantasize about was that morbidly /obese/">obese woman ordering me to put my dick in her rolls of /fat/">fat. I jacked off to a great orgasm. I wanted to go back and beg her to do it again.
What had really piqued my curiosity was her promise to ’do something even nastier’ the next time. I really couldn’t figure out what could be nastier than being forced to fuck a smelly fat woman’s sweaty tummy folds. Would she actually let me fuck her pussy? Could she even find it? Could I manage to get my dick in there? Even though I had just jerked off I was getting hard again /wrestling/">wrestling with these thoughts.

I was off that day so unfortunately I had nothing to occupy my mind but thoughts of nasty /fat/fat-sex/">fat sex. I searched the internet for all kinds of weird fetishes but couldn’t find anything about fat roll fucking. I couldn’t believe I was the only guy turned on by this. I’d seen it in porn a few times. It became obvious rather quickly that masturbating wasn’t going to be enough that day.

I ventured out around 10:30 or so without really having any idea where I was going. I had vaguely considered going to one of my favorite motel haunts to try to have some freaky sex with a hooker, but I wasn’t sure that was exactly what my particular fetish hunger was desiring. All I could think about was that fat, jiggling blob of flesh that had so expertly used and abused my cock the night before. Without any conscious thought, I drove back to the apartment building, not knowing what I was intending to do.
As I pulled around the back of the building, I saw the /daughter/">daughter outside smoking. I parked and walked over to her. I had the feeling of nervous anticipation I had experienced when picking up hookers in the past. ’’Sup,’ she said as she took a drag and threw her cigarette on the ground. ’ We were just talking about you.’

’Oh yea?’ I responded. ’ I was nervous but I had to come back.’
’ My mom’s pissed that I didn’t get your number. She wants to see you again. She keeps talking about how she likes dominating your sorry ass.’
’What does she have in mind?’ I inquired.
’Fuck if I know. She’s a pretty sick bitch when it comes to this shit. You wanna come inside? I’m sure she’ll let you know.’

I followed the girl inside, my cock straining against my shorts in anticipation of feeling that soft, jiggling fat enveloping me.

’Well fuck me.’ I heard in that distinctive trailer park tone. ’Look who came crawling back for more. You really are a nasty little shit, honey.’ The mom was sitting in the middle of the living room on what looked like a portable handicapped toilet of some kind. Her naked rolls of fat spilling over the hand rails. ’I’ve been thinking all night about how to humiliate your sorry ass today, and I’ve got just the thing.’ She cackled with an evil sounding laugh. ’on your knees, bitch,’ she instructed her daughter. ’take that boy’s clothes off and suck his cock for me.’
Getting a blowjob from this hot young girl hardly seemed like humiliation. The daughter took my shirt off, dropped to her knees and unbuttoned my shorts. As she swallowed my dick down her throat , I leaned back against the wall and moaned in pleasure. The fat woman looked on angrily as her daughter gobbled my dick, slurping and spitting like a pro.

About five minutes went by before the mom had seen enough. ’alright, whore.’ she said. ’That’s enough of that. This boy’s enjoying himself a little too much. I’ll put a stop to that right now. Get your ass over here boy.’
I walked over to her and she grabbed my cock with the same aggressive fervor she had the night before. I gleefully anticipated jamming my /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick into her sweaty folds again. She jerked me for a few minutes while giving me a deliciously evil look. ’Boy, last night was nothing. Wait till you see what I’ve got for you today,’ she cackled as she squeezed my swollen member with her fat fingers. I could never have anticipated in my dirtiest thoughts what happened next.

As her left hand jerked my dick, the behemoth grunted and dropped a big turd from her ass into the toilet. ’Mmmm yea. that’s gonna be nice,’ she purred. ’Go sit on the couch!’ She ordered as she got up and lumbered after me.
’Now yer gonna see how good a lube my nasty shit really is.’ she grinned as she let go of my throbbing hard-on. ’Get over here and help me, bitch!’ she screamed at her daughter who was fingering wwwxxx herself in the corner. ’Here, spread my ass cheeks apart. I’m gonna let this boy in.’
’In?’ I thought. ’In where?

My question was soon answered. The girl assisted her mom in spreading those enormous butt cheeks apart, revealing a hairy, brown mess in her crack. It stunk even worse than her shit had. Her /asshole/">asshole was big and hairy, her cunt was huge and dripping wet. I salivated. The girl took my dick and guided the head right up to her mothers bunghole. The next thing I new I was being crushed under 400 pounds of smelly flesh as the /fat/fat-lady/">fat lady swallowed my cock into her ass. She moaned as she writhed on my dick, her shit tunnel gripping my hard-on and pulling me deeper with each stroke.

’That’s it, pack all that shit back up in my ass baby.’ she said as she rode me. I pressed against her blubber as I fucked her hungry butt. I moaned and groaned with pleasure as we continued our nasty /fucking/ass-fuck/">ass fuck session.
’Wait, I’ve got a better idea, mom,’ the girl said.
’OK,’ the fatty replied as the daughter whispered in her ear. ’Oh fuck yes! Do it now!’ she ordered as she got up off of me.

As the /fat/fat-mom/">fat mom bent over, bracing herself on the couch, the girl went over and picked up and handful of shit from the toilet. ’You’re gonna use your cock to pack all that shit back into my ass, baby’ she instructed. I couldn’t wait to oblige. The girl stuck a handful of feces on her mom’s /butts/butt-hole/">butt hole and held her blubbery cheeks apart for my access. ’What are you waiting for, fuck it back into my ass!’ She yelled.

’Yes ma’am.’ I said as I thrust my hard-on back into her gaping turd tunnel.
’Oh fuck yea that’s it!’ she exclaimed. ’Make my /fat/fat-ass/">fat ass pay, you fuck! Pack that shit deep!’

I pounded her guts out with my thrusts, her blubber jiggling as I fucked her harder and harder. She moaned and writhed aganst my strokes. ’More’ I beckoned to the daughter. She took another handful and slapped on the fatty’s hole. I slid back in, her ass getting tighter the more shit I packed into it. It was a warm wet slippery smelly mess. I was totally lost in the depravity, I loved it. I didn’t even know how long I had been there.
’Oh fuck I fucking love this. You whores are fucking incredible!’ I screamed as I slid in and out of her shit-filled butt cave.
’You are one filthy-ass fuck slave, honey!’ The fat lady exclaimed.
’Goddamn what’s next?’ I asked, wondering how this could possibly get more depraved.
’Don’t worry, honey, I’ll think of something. Just keep packin that shit into my fat asshole!’ The blubber monster responded. ’Don’t cum, though. I haven’t decided what nasty place I want your spunk yet.’
’OK’ I said ’I’ll try not to.’

’Oh fuck I’ve got it!’ she said as I continued to pound her. ’But we cant do it yet, so go ahead and empty those balls in my ass, baby.’
’yes ma’am’ I said, as I began to concentrate on cumming.
’Hey, Mary,’ the mom said to her daughter. I realized at this point I still didn’t know the name of the woman whose commands I had been following. ’we’re gonna make him fuck Betty.’
’oh mom, that’s gonna be nasty.’ Mary replied. ’you think he’ll be able to do it?’
’He aint gonna have a choice, hehehe’ the whale cackled.
’who’s Betty?’ I asked easing my strokes for a moment.

’Don’t worry you’ll fuckin find out.’ the fat lady said. ’Now blow that fuckin load up my shit hole, boy!’
’yes ma’am’ I responded getting back to my rhythm.
’Goddamn it you better fuckin cum NOW!’ she ordered, ’if you ever wanna stick yer cock in /hot/ass-hot/my-hot-ass/">my hot ass again.’

That was all I needed. I started to blow the wwwxxx a huge wad into her ass, pushing deeper with each spasm. My balls ached from the workout they had been getting as I continued to spew gooey spunk into my blubbery queen. Her fat asshole never loosened the grip it had in my cock until my knees buckled under the strain of my orgasm.