Surprise for You part I

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Surprise for You part I

’Come on, dear, I have a /surprise/">surprise for you.’ I smiled mischievously as I led him into the basement of our house, blind folded.

’Hon, what are you doing?’ he asked nervously, holding onto my hand, so not to /trip/">trip.

’You’ll see,’ I licked my lips as I pushed him down into a sitting position on the cold hard floor. Then I slowly peeled off my long coat, which I had been wearing over my secret under garments: a black leather teddy, black fishnets, and long black boots. The crotch area of my teddy could be unzipped for easy access and the chest area was tight enough so that my breasts were pushed up and seemed fuller than they were.

I went over to a cardboard box sitting on a chair beside me and picked up a pair of handcuffs and a small leather whip.

I set them down on the floor as I leaned over and kissed him deeply, our tongues dancing together inside our mouths as I held on his head tightly. His hands reached around me to embrace me,

and when he felt the leather on my teddy and my fishnets, he sort of gasped in surprise around my lips, but didn’t stop licking my tongue. When I finally pulled away, he immediately asked, ’What are you wearing?’

’Why don’t you just see?’ I grinned as I undid his blindfold.

’Uh’oh, Wow!’ he stared at me as his eyes slowly opened and focused on my leather clad figure. He started to stand up to embrace and kiss me again, but I put my hand up to stop him.

’No. Now today you are going to be my slave, and you will call me /mistress/">mistress. Now, undress.’


’Strip, slave.’ I grabbed my whip and shook it in front of his face. ’Do as I say, slave.’

Fear started flickering behind his eyes as he slowly unbuttons his shirt and pulled it off, revealing his hard, lean chest. Then he unzipped his jeans and slowly slid those off, revealing a bulge on his boxers.

’Yes, the boxers too,’ I told him.

He slowly pulled it off, and with a boing, his dick was almost standing straight up in attention.

’Happy to see me, aren’t we?’ I came over to him and slowly walked around him, looking up and down his muscular, well toned body.

’Yes, dear’uh, I mean mistress.’

’Getting hard without my permission, huh? On your hands and knees.’

He stared at me in confusion but when I cracked the whip in air, he immediately got on his hands and knees.

’I have to punish you now, you know that? Looks like your ass would need a good whipping from me, huh?’


But before he could complain, I drove my tongue deep inside his mouth again. And as we kissed deeply, I ran my hands up and down his bare back, feeling the smoothness. Then I reached the underside of his body and ran my fingers on his chest and stomach, stopping at his nipples to get them a pinch, making him moan in the process.

As I removed my lips from his mouth, I started licking on his cheek, and then down on his neck, flickering my tongue at his skin. He started moaning from pleasure as I tongued his skin, bathing
it in my warm saliva.

After I licked at his neck for a few minutes, I moved a bit and started licking down his back slowly as he enjoyed sensations of my tongue on his skin, his eyes closed, and his mouth partly open
in pleasure.

Before I reached his ass, I grabbed my whip again and whipped it right on his ass, making him grunt and moan and jump in sudden pain.

’What did you do that for?!’ he started to ask, but I placed my finger on his lip blowjob porn videos and sentenced him. milf porn videos

’Shhh.’ I grabbed the handkerchief that I can used to blindfold him and tied it around his mouth as a gag. ’Quiet now.’

With that, I whipped onto his ass again, making him jump and grunt through the gag with pain. I saw the line of red mark that was left on his ass cheeks as I whipped him.

After a few more lashings, his ass looked red and sore, so I lay my whip down and rubbed my soft hands on his ass cheeks, making him moan from the sensitivity of the area. Then, I grabbed his shoulders and pulled him up, so that he was sitting on his knees. I grabbed his hands and pulled them behind him, handcuffing them together.

I walked around him, and saw that his dick was as hard as ever, standing straight up in attention. I leaned over and started licking as his cheek and neck again. I licked a bit lower, biting his
nipples gently when I reached there. Then I licked lower, down his chest, his stomach. I stopped right before I got to his crotch, in where he was almost trembling from pleasure and anticipation of me licking on his dick.

I smiled at him again, untying his gag so that I could aggressively kiss him again, darting my tongue inside his once again. Our tongues weren’t dancing anymore, but aggressively pushing and
shoving, our lust and desire rising as we did so.

When I broke off the kiss, I stood up and smiled at him. ’Do you want to lick my nipples, slave?’

’Yes’ yes, Mistress,’ he murmurs.

’Good, now you may lick.’ I push my breasts out of my teddy and let them swing right on his face. He leans over and reaches them with his tongue. I start moaning as I feel his tongue flickering over my right nipple. Then he takes it in his mouth and bites gently on it, and then sucking on it. Soon my nipples were standing up and rock hard.

He tries to lower his head and lick my thighs, but I lean back before he could do so and he whimpers in disappointment.

I take the whip and run it across his neck, teasing him. ’Did I say that you could lick my thighs, slave?’

’No, no mistress.’

’Why did you do so?’

’I’m sorry, mistress.’

’Do you need to be punished again?’

’Yes, yes I do, mistress.’

I smile as I go over to my box again and take out some nipple clamps. I walk over to him, lick at his nipples a bit, and then slowly clamp them on his nipples. He grits his teeth in pain as I set it on, but as I kiss him again, he slowly unclamps his jaw.

’Do you want me to lick you, slave?’ I tease as I lower my head and start licking right above his dick, but not on it.

’Yes, yes’ yes please, Mistress.’

I slowly lick my tongue up and down his dick as he shudders in pleasure. I flicked my tongue across the head a few times, and then taking the whole head into my mouth. I suck on it gently, feeling it grow inside my mouth. Then I lick it a few more times and then start sucking it deeply into my mouth, taking most of him in my mouth. He starts shudder and shaking, the pain of the clamps and his ass mixing with the pure pleasure of my soft, moist tongue, attacking his member.

He starts to moan and hump to my mouth, signaling to me that he was almost going to come. Knowing that, I immediately took my mouth off his dick, causing him to moan and sigh in heavy

’Do you want to lick my clit?’

’Yes mistress, I do.’

’How badly? Beg to lick my clit.’

’Please, mistress. Please, let me lick your clit...’ he was trembling from anticipation as he moaned gently.

I unzipped the crotch area of my teddy and started to lower my pussy right on his waiting, extended tongue. I squeal in pleasure as his tongue starts licking me. I grab his head and push it  against my crotch hard as he licks me into frenzy. I moan in pleasure as he does so. After a little while of hard licking, I cum in a big explosion, my breaths coming out in gasps and my legs quivering and shaking like /crazy/">crazy.

’You were good, slave. Very good. You may cum now. Cum for me,’ with that, I started licking at his ultra sensitive dick until I felt the warm cream of his cum run down my throat.

I smiled at him as I unclamped his nipples and unlocked the handcuffs and helped him up into a standing position. ’What did you think of that? Is your ass still sore?’

’A little bit, but it’s ok. It was sexy to see you in that leather outfit,’ he teased me. ’You look hot.’

’Thank you,’ I laughed. ’Did you have fun?’

’Yes, mistress,’ he leaned over and gave me a big embrace, grabbing my fishnet clad asscheeks with his hands as he leaned over and kissed me deeply, prodding my mouth with his tongue.

’But next time you be the slave, and I’ll be the /master/">master.’

’It’s a deal.’